Youssra El Hawary

as much as i am totally fascinated by your music, I find it a pity the lyrics and topics of recent songs are more stylistically appealing rather than really engaging in their meaning.. wish more songs like "el-sour", or "fel shareaa" were there .. I really think that, besides the obvious freshness and originality of your style and music, your real strength in my opinion would be in the courage of your texts .. We are so much in need of that in Egypt.. Nevertheless, always a joy to listen to you Youssra .. although I do believe you are capable of much much more ..

Youssra El Hawary responded on 01/06/2019

Hello there, thanks for your generosity. I know it takes an effort to decide to tell an artist how you feel frankly about his/her work.
I know what you mean, but believe me nothing is intended, I mean I never planned to have certain type of lyrics before and I never do that now either.
and I think if I write my songs putting in mind that I want them to be daring or strong, they will never be honest.
I just care to keep my songs personal and engaging to me
still, if you like my older songs that's enough for me :) at least I could reach you once

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